Incident Reports 1993

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Incident Report #48 1993

The gentleman who made this call, claiming his friend was in need of our assistance, had already made a similar call to Kendal MRT earlier in the day. He was later caught by local police in a car stolen from Manchester. He appeared before local magistrates the next day. He was ticked off and ordered to be detained until the end of the Police Sergeant's shift and then released. He was given lunch. Must be an example of short, blunt shock.
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Incident Report #17 1993

A well intentioned man reported seeing a man shouting for help. Believing that a climbing accident may have occurred on Pavey Ark, team members searched the area, with the assistance of a helicopter. Nothing was found so the search was called off. While descending Mill Gyhll, team members saw three youths 'raving' to a portable cassette player. They ran away when approached. Draw your own conclusions.
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Incident Report #16 1993

A massive search was undertaken for a 50 year old couple who had seperated from their companions and failed to reach their rendevous at Kirkstone Pass. The man found his way off the fell the next morning and a helicopter located the body of his wife on The Knott soon after. She is thought to have died of hypothermia. The search lasted 16 hours and 150 personnel from 8 Mountain Rescue Teams and a Helicopter took part in appalling weather conditions.
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Incident Report #1 1993

A young man, climbing a steep rock pitch n the ghyll, fell some 50ft as he tried to place a runner. His friend and belayer very kindly broke his fall. Both sustained nasty head, back and leg injuries and multiple cuts. Both were wearing helmets, one of which was badly damaged. They were stretchered out of the ghyll and then were flown to hospital by RAF Bolumer. Their lives were probably saved by their helmets.
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