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Incident Report #16 1993

A massive search was undertaken for a 50 year old couple who had seperated from their companions and failed to reach their rendevous at Kirkstone Pass. The man found his way off the fell the next morning and a helicopter located the body of his wife on The Knott soon after. She is thought to have died of hypothermia. The search lasted 16 hours and 150 personnel from 8 Mountain Rescue Teams and a Helicopter took part in appalling weather conditions.
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Incident Report #54 2000

A party of walkers were reported overdue. They had set of on a 30 mile route and not returned. They had left no route, but cunning detective work on our part allowed us to work it out. They had been last sighted at Nan Bield Pass at 12.30, lunchtime when one of their number abandoned and returned home. A large scale search using 4 search dogs, and Patterdale, Kendal and Penrith Mountain Rescue Teams was organised. They turned up back in Ambleside at 4.15a.m. having got lost and come back the long way round. They seemed a little surprised that anyone was concerned about them.

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Incident Report #38 1978

Four teenage ATC cadets from Chester le Street, Co. Durham required assistance when they became completely lost , and one was reported to be in a collapsed condition. A search was mounted by three MR teams and SARDA and they were found at 1.30am next morning. Three were escorted down - one had to be carried ona a stretcher. All were seen by the Team Doctor and allowed togo home after treatment.
Footnote: The first grid reference for the location of casualties was about 2 miles out.
Weather conditions: CLEAR, DARK, DRY, WARM, WET UNDERFOOT.

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