Stake Pass

Incident Report #7 2019

Thu, 24th January 2019, 12:20
Male with mental health issues reported in need of help
Man Hours: 
16 team members for 4.5 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #57 2018

Wed, 4th July 2018, 19:59
A young woman was reported fitting and unconscious. She was treated by team members and evacuated by Coastguard helicopter
Man Hours: 
14 team members for 4 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #73 2017

Mon, 31st July 2017, 15:16

A man was taken ill with chest pains at Stake Pass. He was treated by team members and then evacuated to hospital by air ambulance

Man Hours: 
10 team members for 4 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #104 2015

Sun, 25th October 2015, 18:00

The team assisted in a joint operation with Keswick and Cockermouth MRTs to rescue a man with a knee injury at Stake Pass. 

He was able to walk down with assistance

Man Hours: 
15 team members for 4.5 hours, plus Keswick and Cockermouth MRTs
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #38 2015

Mon, 11th May 2015, 17:15

Two members of a group of older walkers sustained injuries, one a dislocated shoulder and another a knee injury. 

They phoned for help, but with a poor signal, it was difficult to locate them. There location was described as 'Langdale Ghyll'... When we eventually did work out where they were, it was with help from a party member who had descended and could point to the way he had come down. (It's really useful to be able to name the location of your emergency!)

Man Hours: 
14 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #30 2013

Sun, 5th May 2013, 16:18
We were called to attend to a person with a lower leg injury at Stake Pass. The team were mobilised, but while on route, it was confirmed that it was on the Keswick side of the pass, so we left them to it.
Man Hours: 
5 team members for 1 hour
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #60 2010

Mon, 21st June 2010, 17:00

An exhausted female walker was assisted from Stake Pass and returned to Ambleside

Man Hours: 
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #33 2010

Sun, 28th March 2010, 14:45

A 17-year-old girl, on a D  of E training expedition, collapsed, probably from a combination of exhaustion and hypothermia.

Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #59 2009

Mon, 29th June 2009, 17:45

A 58-year-old man was reported as having breathing difficulties, and with tingling sensation in one arm. The team was dispatched, and assistance form the Air Ambulance was requested. With team members on the hill, it eventually became obvious that, despite communication difficulties, the man had been picked up by the helicopter and evacuated to the pub! It took most of us considerably longer to get back to a decent supply of fluids! It's probable that the man's condition wasn't as serious as first reported.

Man Hours: 
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #64 2006

Thu, 3rd August 2006, 17:22

Three women from Surrey, walking the Cumbria Way, became lost near the summit of Stake Pass. Although the forecast had predicted rain and wind, they were only wearing shorts and lightweight waterproof jackets, and quickly became cold and distressed. They phoned the Police, claiming to be near Pike O'Stickle. We were unable to re contact them, so a search was organised. They were located at 8p.m. after a bit of detective work. They were on Black Crags.

Man Hours: 
Unique Incident ID: 
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