Mill Ghyll

Incident Report #30 1975

A 53 year old woman from Solihull slipped on a footpath in Mill Ghyll, Langdale, and fractured her left ankle. She was carried down the fell on a stretcher and taken to hospital in Kendal. Footnote: Her footwear (flat soft soled shoes) could have been the cause of her slipping. She had no intention of walking on the felts. The weather was fine, warm and dry.
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Incident Report #37 1998

A 17-year-boy slipped and injured his ankle. The injury was minor and the boy seemed to be milking it for all it was worth. We do have a team member or two who are of the opinion that a good slap is an excellent cure for certain ailments. It may have been appropriate here, but there were too many witnesses. Came from just round the corner from my Mum's old house. It's a small world.
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Incident Report #7 1974

Female (53) slipped and fell off a footpath in Mill Ghyll, Langdale, and she sustained a broken ankle. The team carried her down the fell on a stretcher, and she was taken to the County Hospital, Kendal. Footnote: This woman was dressed in ordinary town clothes and shoes, and she had no experience of the fells. Weather conditions: Good.

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