Incident Report #4 2022

The team was called to assist a woman who had slipped on frozen ground and sustained a suspected fractured wrist. She made good progress down with the aid of a companion and we met her near the bottom of the hill and were able to return her to her car

Man Hours
9 team members for 2 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #16 1993

A massive search was undertaken for a 50 year old couple who had seperated from their companions and failed to reach their rendevous at Kirkstone Pass. The man found his way off the fell the next morning and a helicopter located the body of his wife on The Knott soon after. She is thought to have died of hypothermia. The search lasted 16 hours and 150 personnel from 8 Mountain Rescue Teams and a Helicopter took part in appalling weather conditions.
Incident Type

Incident Report #55 1995

A boy mountain biking Coast to Coast with his father and sister, fell off and injured his ankle. His sister didn't believe him and said so. However, without the benefit of an X-Ray machine, and the intuition that an older sister has, we had to take his word for it. He even managed to whimper and yelp as we carried him down. However, her diagnosis of "LYING LITTLE RAT" was correct.
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