High Pike

Incident Report #77 2018

Sat, 13th October 2018, 17:15
Male competitor in long distance fell race was reported with a head injury. Examination by team members identified hypoglycaemia. A helicopter was requested to assist but was unable to help due to the extreme weather
Man Hours: 
16 team members for 5 hours
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Incident Report #48 2012

Sun, 29th July 2012, 14:26
A young lad was unable to continue after suffering an a lower leg injury. He was treated and stretchered off by the team, assisted by Kendal MRT
Man Hours: 
15 team members for 4 hours plus Kendal MRT
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Incident Report #26 2008

Sun, 20th April 2008, 16:00

Sometimes you take people's word for things and other times you have reason to distrust them. A man reported his friend as having sustained a suspected fractured ankle near the summit of Fairfield. In fact just a few hundred metres south of the summit. Maybe it was that the man didn't have a map, or maybe it was the description of a location near a wall, but something made us doubtful that he knew what he was talking about. We located them just below the summit of High Pike and the injured man was treated by team members.

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Incident Report #35 2006

Thu, 13th April 2006, 16:53

A man suffered knee ligament damage and was unable to continue.

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Incident Report #66 2003

Wed, 3rd September 2003, 17:35

A woman slipped and sustained a fractured tibia and fibula. Her leg was splinted, and she was given pain relief and then evacuated to the valley for onward transport to hospital.

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Incident Report #35 2002

Wed, 7th August 2002, 15:45

A couple became lost in mist. They were located and walked down.

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Incident Report #64 1995

Wed, 27th September 1995, 17:07
A 50 year old man slipped and sustained a suspected ankle fracture. We splinted it and carried him down.
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Incident Report #7 1994

Sat, 15th January 1994, 14:14
51 year old man slipped on frozen grass, sustaining lower leg injury. They were trying to evacuate the casualty themselves but this was taking too long. LAMRT stretchered the casualty off the fell and he was taken off to hospital.
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Incident Report #13 1993

Sun, 14th March 1993, 14:40
A 26 year old blind woman being led round the Fairfield Horseshoe. collapsed, possibly as a result of a viral infection, suffering from cramps and anxiety. She was stretchered off the fell and taken to Ambleside Health Centre.
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Incident Report #31 1992

Wed, 10th June 1992, 15:35
60 year old man 'tripped up' and sustained head and shoulder injuries. Usually it's the leg that goes.
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