Incident Report #40 2018

Mon, 7th May 2018, 13:35
Requested to assist Kendal MRT with incident in Kentmere. Casualty with ankle injury
Man Hours: 
4 team members for 2 hours
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Incident Report #39 2005

Mon, 18th July 2005, 15:40

We were called to assist Kendal MRT with one of the three simultaneous rescues they were involved in.

Man Hours: 
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Incident Report #26 2005

Mon, 23rd May 2005, 15:02

Five team members went to assist Kendal MRT with the rescue of a woman with a suspected fractured ankle at Nan Bield Pass.

Man Hours: 
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Incident Report #54 2000

Mon, 11th September 2000, 00:20

A party of walkers were reported overdue. They had set of on a 30 mile route and not returned. They had left no route, but cunning detective work on our part allowed us to work it out. They had been last sighted at Nan Bield Pass at 12.30, lunchtime when one of their number abandoned and returned home. A large scale search using 4 search dogs, and Patterdale, Kendal and Penrith Mountain Rescue Teams was organised. They turned up back in Ambleside at 4.15a.m. having got lost and come back the long way round. They seemed a little surprised that anyone was concerned about them.

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Incident Report #77 1996

Fri, 27th December 1996, 14:45
A helicopter on a social visit to Ambleside was requested to attend an incident, along with a handful of Team members, at Lingmell End, to assist Kendal MRT with a man with a bad leg fracture.
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Incident Report #35 1994

Sun, 3rd April 1994, 18:15
A female fell runner was reported missing and overdue in this fell race. Kendal MRT asked for assistance in the search. She was located on the "Knott", but sadly she had died. A very sad and unfortunate incident.
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Incident Report #73 1993

Sun, 5th December 1993, 12:55
A 57 year old man suffered a Heart Attack. A small group, with a 'Propaq' monitor went to assist Kendal MRT with treatment and evacuation.
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Incident Report #23 1993

Sun, 25th April 1993, 15:20
Three team members took our 'Propac' monitor to Kentmere to assist Kendal MRT in the rescue of a 10 year old boy who has sustained head, neck and spinal injuries in a fall.
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Incident Report #7 1979

Tue, 10th April 1979, 13:00

At the request of Kendal Team our Team searched the Kirkstone and Troutbeck area for 9 Cadets (Soldiers) who were found safe and well after a long search.
Footnote: These Cadets were found in the Nan Bield area by the Kendal Team and
one of our Dog Handlers.
Weather Conditions: Low Mist, Sleet, Snow, Ice under old Snow.

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