Blea Tarn

Incident Report #88 2011

We recieved a call that a woman had sustained a lower leg inury near Blea Tarn, Langdale. The report came second hand from a man who had walked past the injured woman, seen her companions struggling to get a mobile phone signal and offered to go to the phone at Old Dungeon Ghyll to get help. When we arrived, it became apparent that the woman had been evacuated by her companions and this was later confirmed by North West Ambulance Service when they were caled to a local hotel to attend to the woman.

Man Hours
9 team members for 1 hour
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #2 1998

We were notified by the Police of an incident at a place I'll call Blea Blurr. Two men were lost in a blizzard and one had suffered leg injuries. The Police didn't get the second part of the name. It was lost in the atmospheric fug that accompanies many mobile phone calls in this area. We checked out our Blea Tarn and Rigg and found nothing. Keswick and Wasdale checked out their own Bleas, and found nothing. Penrith Team checked out their Blea water and found them. After a thorough soaking, a bit of exercise and a lot of head scratching we went home.
Incident Type