Grisedale Tarn

Incident Report #5 1999

The team members who had managed to avoid the previous incident, (and we know who they were) were sent instead to Grizedale Tarn to check for the source of whistles that had been heard by two descending climbers. A search with dogs and personnel found nothing, but we later found out that an incident had occurred and the party had self-evacuated.

Incident Type

Incident Report #29 1976

A 19 year old man from Liverpool was reported missing by friends on a walk from Patterdale to Grasmere via Grizedale Tarn. After a search by the team using search dogs, the man was found in Grasmere safe and well.
Footnote: The man was in a party of 6 when they set out from Patterdale, five turned back after bad weather had forced them to. The lone walker went on, but spent 10 hours on the fell.

Incident Type