White Ghyll

Incident Report #41 2016

Flashing lights were reported in area of White Ghyll/Scout Crag. We investigated, and although we saw the lights, they were not flashing a recognised distress signal, nor responding to our attempts to communicate, so we went home. We did see shooting stars, a satellite, and with Lancaster Universities aurora alert showing high activity there was a possibility of Northern Lights being spotted. The aurora proved as elusive as the source of the flashing lights so we went home

Man Hours
3 team members for 1.5 hous
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #29 1975

A 19 year old rock climber from Coventry slipped and fell off a foot-path at White Ghyll, Langdale after completing his rock climb. He sustained a broken left leg. The team carried him down the fell on a stretcher and then he was taken to hospital in Kendal. Footnote: In common with nearly all accidents involving climbers this year, the rock climb had been completed safely, but the descent is proving to be an accident habit. The weather was warm clear and dry.
Incident Type

Incident Report #11 1975

A 21 year old rock climber from Prescot was found by a friend after descending from a crag at White Ghyll, Langdale. It is thought that he had fallen about 100 feet. He died on the crag of multiple injuries despite the fight for his life made by the team doctor and team members for over an hour. His body was brought down the fell by stretcher. Footnote: Most of the team knew this young man personally. The accident remains a mystery, as nobody was with him during his descent from the crag. The weather was dry, turning to heavy rain with winds later, and ground conditions were wet.
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