Thorn Crag

Incident Report #10

A young male sustained an ankle injury while descending from Harrison Stickle. He was treated by team members and evacuated in extremely windy conditions

Unfortunately a team member took a tumble while helping carry the stretcher on the descent resulting in an injury that required investigation in hospital

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Incident Report #4 1974

Girl (15), from Lancaster, slipped and fell while descending a scree below Thorn Crag, Langdale. She sustained an injury to her right leg, and the team carried her down the fell on a stretcher and she went by ambulance to Westmorland Hospital, Kendal.
Footnote: Although this was an organised school party in this parlcular girl's case her personal equipment, especially her footwear (smooth soled) was only fair.
Weather conditions: Ideal, warm sunshine and dry ground conditions.

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Incident Report #38 1976

A 41 year old woman from Formby, Liverpool slipped and fell about 20ft. down the fellside near Thorn Crag, Langdale, sustaining a serious compound fracture of the humerus and head injuries. The team carried her down on a stretcher and then by police escorted ambulance to Lancaster Hospital.
Footnote: The helicopter was requested as there was a danger of the woman losing her arm, but this was diverted to Keswick where three climbers had fallen on Blencathra.

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