Pike Howe

Incident Report #2

Two men became benighted when they lost the path and ran out of daylight. They gave their position using a word-based location app, but this placed them in Bolivia, so we ignored it and located them via other means and retrieved them

Man Hours
4 team members for 3 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #7 1975

A 16 year old schoolboy from Winsford collapsed on Pike Howe, Langdale, with exhaustion during a Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award practice expedition. The Team carried him down the fell on a stretcher, assisted by R.A.F. Leeming. He was treated by the team doctor and allowed to go home with his teachers. Footnote: This party was not at fault in any way, but there is a possibility that the boy's pack was overweight for him to carry. The weather was misty with drizzle, and ground conditions were wet.
Incident Type

Incident Report #17 1974

Female (42), from London, slipped and fell sixty feet on Pike Howe, Langdale. She received serious head, neck and back injuries. The team carried her down the fell on a stretcher and she was taken to the County Hospital, Kendal.
Footnote: This woman had good clothing but her footwear left much to be desired—short Wellingtons with smooth soles. The cause of the accident is something of a mystery: she either slipped or over balanced. Weather conditions: very warm, dry and sunny.

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Incident Report #27 2009

A family group of three went up to the Langdale Pikes area. They became lost after several attempts to find a way off. Although they had a map and compass and GPS, they were unable to use any. We were able to establish their altitude from the GPS, but it wasn't much use for anything else, since it wasn't set on British Grid. They were too cold and the process of setting the GPS up in any useful way was looking unlikely, so eventually located by the combined method getting them to take bearings to our vehicle lights in the valley bottom, and wonder-dog, Beinn.

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