Gt Langdale

Incident Report #36 2017

Thu, 27th April 2017, 16:41

An 82-year-old man fell and sustained wrist and facial injuries. He was treated by team members and evacuated to a waiting ambulance for onward travel to hospital

Man Hours: 
12 team members for 1 hour
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #33 2017

Tue, 11th April 2017, 20:29

A group of four males became exhausted after going a long way off thier intended route. We set off to retrieve them, onlt to discover that they'd been assisted from the hill by other people

Man Hours: 
6 team members fo r2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #30 2017

Mon, 3rd April 2017, 14:32

An elderly male sustained a head injury in a fall. He was treated and evacuated to an air ambulance for evacuation

Man Hours: 
9 team members for 2.5 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #86 2016

Sun, 6th November 2016, 17:30

A group of 10 were delayed when one of their number was slowed down by injury, cold and fatigue. They were located near Red Tarn and assisted down

Man Hours: 
13 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #79 2016

Sat, 15th October 2016, 15:19

A woman sustained a susoected lower leg fracture when she slipped on a steep section of path. She was treated by members of LAMRT and RAF Leeeming MRT and evacuated to the valley. Injuries to  team member sustained on the descent have proved not to be serious, but may take some time to recoer from.

Man Hours: 
14 team members for 3 hours, plus RAF Leeming MRT
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #78 2016

Wed, 5th October 2016, 16:35

A male was reported as despondent and missing in the area. He was located in Rossett Ghyll and assisted down. We were assisted by Coniston MRT

Man Hours: 
15 team members, plus Coniston MRT
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #77 2016

Sun, 2nd October 2016, 14:02

Female with lower leg fracture at the top of Dungeon Ghyll. The team assisted in loading the casualty in to an aor ambulance for evacuation to hospital

Man Hours: 
12 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #61 2016

Mon, 8th August 2016, 20:23

A couple were reported overdue from a walk in Langdale. They turned up while a preliminary search was being carried out

Man Hours: 
3 team members for 1.5 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #58 2016

Thu, 4th August 2016, 12:13

A young man suffered an ankle injury on the Stickle Tarn path. He was treated by the team and evacuated by stretcher

Man Hours: 
15 team members for 2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #56 2016

Tue, 26th July 2016, 17:58

We were requested to assist the ambulance service to recover a female with a suspected lower leg fracture.

Man Hours: 
10 team members for 2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 
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