Bowfell Area

Incident Report #52 2015

A 16-year-old male celebrated finishng his exams by cycling off-road, from Penrith to Eskdale. He ground to a halt near Three Tarns when he ran out of daylight. His position was confirmed using SARLOC and he was recovered by a group of team members. You have to admire his ambition, even if the implementation was a little flawed... 

Lights and some spare, warm clothing would have helped...

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Incident Report #48 2000

We were alerted by a mobile phone call from a 15-year-old boy, that he had become separated from his 72-year-old Grandfather when he had been allowed to carry on to Scafell summit, while his grandfather waited for him in the Great End area. After having spoken to the boy, they were reunited and we were assured that they were making their way back to Langdale. A further phone call at around 11.30pm informed us that they had not made such good progress and were having to stop on what they assured us was The Band.

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