Jack's Rake

Incident Report #64 2018

Mon, 30th July 2018, 16:11
Family cragfast on Jack's Rake in poor weather. Recovered to the top
Man Hours: 
10 team members for 4.5 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #47 2016

Sun, 29th May 2016, 15:27

A male suffered a recurrence of a previously dislocated shoulder while ascending Jack's Rake. Climbers on the crag were able to assist him to the bottom of the crag, and we recovered him from there

Man Hours: 
12 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #61 2015

Tue, 7th July 2015, 12:36

A father and his two sons became cragfast on Jack's Rake. 

They called for help and the team went to assist; roping them out to the top of the Rake

Man Hours: 
13 team members for 4 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #64 2014

Sat, 9th August 2014, 14:46

Party of five reported cragfast with one with minor injuries

The minor injury was treated and she was airlifted by RAF Seaking. The remainder of the group were assisted from the rake.
Man Hours: 
13 team members for 6 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #85 2013

Tue, 29th October 2013, 15:15
A family of five became cragfast near the top of Jack's Rake. The alarm was raised by a third party who witnessed their struggle. The team was mobilised to assist. The two parents managed to scramble out, but wisely made their offspring stay put where the were safe, but stranded. We recovered the three young people by descending to them, fixing ropes and then guiding them back up to the top. We then all descended to the valley. Conditions were 'interesting', with heavy rain, hail and occasional strong winds.
Man Hours: 
14 team members for 7 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #80 2013

Wed, 9th October 2013, 20:50

Three intrepid explorers went exploring, at 4pm. But without a map or torch.. so when it went dark they had to stop exploring because there was nothing to see... including the way down... we went a showed them the way... I hope they won't make the same mistake again.. 

Man Hours: 
7 team members for 4 hour
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #63 2013

Fri, 9th August 2013, 13:49
Three members of a group of five became cragfast on the lower section of the Rake. They called for help and the team responded. Before we could get to them, other people in the area went to their assistance and got them off. A reported ankle injury proved to be very minor and didn't stop the group from walking off the hill with out any further assistance from us.
Man Hours: 
15 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #50 2012

Sun, 5th August 2012, 12:19

A man got stuck on Jack's Rake when the weather changed and it started raining. He was recovered from the Rake by team members and assisted to safety.

Man Hours: 
8 team members for 3.5 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #44 2012

Sat, 14th July 2012, 10:15
A 12 year old male fell from Jack's Rake, sustaining head and spinal injuries. He was treated by a combination of air ambulance paramedic and team members, then carried a short distance to a waiting rescue Seaking, then flown to Newcastle for treatment.

Update on 23rd July from the young lad's dad.
Man Hours: 
17 team members, plus Kendal MRT, air ambulance and RAF Seaking
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #39 2012

Wed, 20th June 2012, 13:11
The team was called when a woman fell from Jack's Rake. The air ambulance attended, and Kendal MRT assisted. Sadly, the woman died of her injuries. Her body was evacuated by the team.
Man Hours: 
18 team members for 4 hours
Unique Incident ID: 
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