Shouts for help

Incident Report #35 2012

What sounded like shouts for help where heard in the Helm Crag area. The team was dispatched to investigate, but were unable to locate anyone in difficulty. After a thorough search of the area we stood down. This was a false alarm with good intent, but the initial shouts were possibly of mischievous origin... Kendal MRT were called to assist, but were stood down while on route.

Man Hours
9 team members for 2 hours plus Kendal MRT
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #90 1997

People camping at Angle Tarn heard shouts for help. They phoned us and went to investigate. They found a husband and wife benighted and without a torch. They contacted us and informed us that they had room for them in their tents and would point them in the right direction in the morning. They had suffered no injuries so we left them to it. They were reported missing from their Grasmere Guest House at 10am the following day, by which time they were well on their way down. Lesson to be learned? Take a torch!