Blea Crag

Incident Report #26 1974

Boy (16) of Coventry, suffered exhaustion and mild exposure during a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme expedition at Castle Howe, Blea Crag, Langdale. The team carried him down the fell on a stretcher and he was treated by the team doctor before being allowed home.
Footnote: These four had no previous fell experience. The weather was rainy, and although their footwear was good, there was no sign of water-proofs. Their equipment was far too heavy, and most of their food was in medium or large tins. They gave the impression that they did not think much to "this fell walking lark".

Incident Type

Incident Report #7 2001

A 66-year-old woman suffered a suspected severe Angina attack while walking with friends. The team set off on foot, and a helicopter was requested. We treated the woman and then with some difficulty, got her to the helicopter, which was having difficulty because of the weather.One of the rare occasions when we have to carry uphill. It's not nice!

Incident Type