Incident Report #6 1985

A group of 5 teenagers tried to descend steep, dangerous rocks, four became cragfast and one fell some distance onto a ledge sustaining spinal injuries and a broken leg. He was stretcher lowered to safety. The others were treated for incipient exposure, then escorted off. Assisted by Kendal M.R.T. Weather conditions: Driving Rain, very cold, misty at times.

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Incident Report #87 2004

A couple of 19-year-old climbers from Ambleside became stuck when they got to the top of Middlefell Buttress without torches after 4pm. They were unable to locate the way down. Their shouts for help were heard in the valley bottom. They were assisted by a number of other people in the area, who supplied them with torches, and we escorted them down.

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