Oak Howe

Incident Report #64 2023

A woman slipped and sustained a fracture/dislocation of her ankle. She was given analgesic and the dislocation was reduced before she was evacuated to an ambulance waiting in the valley. Smooth soled-shoes mays have been a factor in the slip

Man Hours
8 team members for 2.75 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #6 1985

A group of 5 teenagers tried to descend steep, dangerous rocks, four became cragfast and one fell some distance onto a ledge sustaining spinal injuries and a broken leg. He was stretcher lowered to safety. The others were treated for incipient exposure, then escorted off. Assisted by Kendal M.R.T. Weather conditions: Driving Rain, very cold, misty at times.

Incident Type