Kirkstone Pass area

Incident Report #11 1995

This man was reported missing the previous evening but the information was vague. A Team vehicle and one from Patterdale MRT tackled the road (blocked by snow) and found nothing. He eventually walked down to Ambleside Police station. The moral of this story is, if you leave your "Route Card" on someone's answering machine, make sure it's one that is working, and if you're going to rely on a snowhole for shelter, make sure you do it on a night when a rapid thaw doesn't take place.
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Incident Report #24 1996

Four separate reports of flashing lights in the vicinity of Kirkstone quarry led us to believe that something was amiss. A group was dispatched to investigate and a passing helicopter dropped in for a look. The helicopter crew, using their night vision goggles spotted the lights and went to investigate. They found two men, trying to hide, in combat gear and with guns. They left them to it and reported the matter to the police. The Team members sent to investigate were greatly relieved not to have got there first.
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Incident Report #48 1998

This father and his three sons became lost in mist. They phoned for help, but were not able to give us much idea of their location. The battery on the phone went flat, so we couldn't talk to them any more. With help from Patterdale MRT they were eventually located in Troutbeck, lost and exhausted. Their common sense was never recovered.
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Incident Report #23 1974

Female (44), of Worcester Park, Surrey, slipped on wet grass whilst walk¬ing on a footpath at High Grove, Kirkstone, Ambleside, and she received a broken ankle and leg injuries. The team conveyed her down the fell on a stretcher and then she was taken to the County Hospital, Kendal. Footnote: The woman had wandered down the fell path in ordinary clothing and smooth soled shoes. She claimed to be an experienced fell walker, and yet she had left her suitable clothing and footwear in her parked car. Weather conditions: Dull, with low mist and ground conditions were very wet.

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Incident Report #154 2010

A light was reported high on the hillside above Kirkstone Pass. A team member went to check, and after seeing that it was making progress downhill and subsequently making voice contact, was able to establish that the person was not in need of help. It was very cold!

Man Hours
3 team members for 1 hour
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Incident Report #29 1979

A search was mounted for a 24 year old man from the Kirkstone Pass Inn, Ambleside after he failed to report for work at 12 noon. The man was found dead behind the Inn at 8-30 a.m. on 13th October.
Footnote: 8 Mountain Rescue Teams, Search Dogs and an R.A.F. Helicopter from Boulmer took part in this search. Local Mines were searched by Mine Rescue Unit.
Weather Conditions: Cold, Clear, Wet Underfoot.

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Incident Report #7 1979

At the request of Kendal Team our Team searched the Kirkstone and Troutbeck area for 9 Cadets (Soldiers) who were found safe and well after a long search.
Footnote: These Cadets were found in the Nan Bield area by the Kendal Team and
one of our Dog Handlers.
Weather Conditions: Low Mist, Sleet, Snow, Ice under old Snow.

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