From The Team

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Our Team Members have a vast amount of experience, and many have personal accounts that contain important safety messages. Some of those accounts are gathered below.

A Day When it All Went Wrong

February, well over twenty five years ago; I found myself the reluctant organiser of a walking party at one of their annual meets.

I was standing in for my father so these people were, at best, acquaintances and many of them were bordering on being total strangers. They were a mixed group ranging from fit young mountaineers through to venerable fell walkers who were nearing the end of their fell walking days.

Two personal accounts...

Two personal accounts of a couple of member’s time in the team. One accounts for ten years and the other for forty.. the entire life of the team.

Paul Burke

It has been a short ten years since I first became a full team member.

I did not decide to join on a whim. I thought about it for some time before I took the plunge. I had a bit of an insight it to what was needed as my ‘day’ job as a local Police Officer brought me into contact with them on a frequent basis.