Landrover helps helicopter

Langdale and Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team run four Land Rover 110 rescue vehicles - 3 standard, and one fully modified to function as an ambulance.

These have been heavily adapted to provide vehicles capable of handling the rigours of rescues.

We have added rock sliders, diff guards and a steering guard to complete the off road spec. A full external roll cage provides protection to the team members in the event of a big roll while working on the Fell tracks.

Electrically we have added a second heavy-duty battery with a split charging system with all extras having been wired into the new battery, leaving the original loom untouched. This enables the vehicle to restart regardless of the demands of the ancillaries. The vehicle batteries are kept topped up ready for use when in base through a mains charging system which does not allow the vehicle to be started whilst charging.

We also added GPS tracking to every vehicle.

A remote controlled search light on the bonnet completes the electrical changes.

Mobile 1 and 2

Mobiles 1 and 2 are our identically equipped 1st response vehicles. They carry up to 5 team members and a full compliment of medical and rescue kit.

They are capable of carrying a casualty inside by mounting a Bell stretcher on a specially made frame. The vehicles are very capable both on and off road, with diff-locks and traction control making it ideal for the long off road tracks we use and more than capable of dealing with the local roads in winter!

Both are '58 registered and have been adapted for our purposed by Crake International and Hadwins of Torver.

Mobile 3

This is the most modified of our vehicles, fitted with a raised roof and a conventional ambulance stretcher inside.

It is built on the standard chassis, and capable of transporting 4 team members plus a casualty on the stretcher, with room to work  on them if needed.

Carrying only medical equipment, it is usually the second vehicle to attend an incident.

Mobile 4

This is a general purpose people carrier, transporting up to 7 team members, search dogs and any additional equipment that may be needed.