Pike O'Stickle

Incident Report #8 1974

Male (27), of Derby, received head, arm and back injuries when he fell on Pike O' Stickle Screes. The team met him at the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel after he had walked down unaided. The team's ambulance took him to the County Hospital, Kendal.
Footnote: His footwear for scree walking was most unsuitable (light canvas smooth soled shoes). He had no fell walking equipment or experience.

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Incident Report #40 1983

As rescue 39 was in progress the Team split and went to the assistance of a 41 year old man from Swindon who suffered head, spinal, arm and leg injuries when he fell 70 feet due to a rock hand-hold breaking away. A helicopter from RAF Boulmer winched up the casualty from the crag then flew on to camp site field to airlift casualty 39 and take both to Whitehaven Hospital.

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Incident Report #33 1976

A 43 year old woman from Rotherham was hit by a large stone while descending Pike O Stickle screes, Langdale. She sustained serious head and shoulder injuries. Team carried her down the fellside on a stretcher and then to Hospital at Kendal.
Footnote: None of the M.L.C. Party could explain how the lady was hit on the head by the dislodged rock.

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Incident Report #30 2004

A man in his 20s blacked out and fell a short distance, breaking his arm badly in the process. Because of the inaccessible position and the black-out, a helicopter and Kendal MRT were called to assist. Langdale team members were making their way to the site on foot when the helicopter arrived. It picked up some Kendal team members from the valley and flew them up. A couple had been winched out when the helicopter rotor clipped the crag, causing serious damage, and causing the helicopter to pull away and land very heavily in Mickleden.

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Incident Report #6 1970

School party from Solihull, Warwickshire. Descending Pike O?Stickle Screes under leadership of teachers. Party split in to two groups: one party descended in good order but on the way down the other party came under boulders rolling down the scree. They managed to evade the boulders but a teacher and two boys, aged 16 and 13 years respectively, were hit by flying stones dislodges by the boulders and sustained head injuries. The youngest boy was brought down by stretcher by the Team and all conveyed to Kendal Hospital by Ambulance. The youngest boy had four stitches and others treatment.

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Incident Report #13 2009

A man slipped, falling around 10 metres,  and sustained a twisted knee and gashed hand. He struggled to get to a location where he could get a text message to his wife requesting help, and get some shelter from the weather. Initially he reported a suspected fracture, but he was able to make slow and painful progress down the hill. He was met by team members and assisted to the valley floor. We were assisted by Kendal MRT. Prolonged winter conditions experienced so far this year have been rare in recent years, however the message is the same as always. Be prepared.

Man Hours
45, plus 15 Kendal MRT
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