Mountain Rescue Incident

Incident Report #21 1974

Female (30) of Coniston, was struck by a large stone whilst on Rescue No. 20, and she received leg injuries. The team carried her down on a stretcher and she was taken to the County Hospital, Kendal. Footnote: The stone was dislodged by a party further up the scree who were unconnected with the rescue team and previous accident victim. This woman is a very experienced mountaineer and was assisting with Rescue No. 20 when the accident happened.

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Incident Report #40 2009

Having sustained the injury, our team member was making a painful and valiant effort to get down with minimal assistance, but as a precaution a stretcher was requested to be brought up to meet the party. Luckily, the helicopter that had assisted earlier was able to return and airlift our team member back to Ambleside with dented pride and a swollen ankle. Injured team member assisted to RN rescue helicopter

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