Incident Report #28 2006

We received a report that a man had sustained a shoulder injury near the summit of Pike O'Stickle. The team was dispatched to deal with it, with assistance from Great North air ambulance. We arrived in the valley bottom and were about to set off when an RAF Seaking appeared, as if by magic (do you remember Mr. Benn. He became a great many things, but never a helicopter, so no explanation there!) They winched up the injured man, plus a couple of others, dropping one off in the valley bottom with us, and taking the injured person off to Carlisle hospital. This left one other person to make his way down from the casualty site with a dog that couldn't be persuaded that a ride in a helicopter was a good idea. Team members walked up to meet them, then they were transported to their car, so they could catch up with their friends in Carlisle. It turned out that the Seaking was from Devon?! Bit of a south-westerly blowing then? After a quiet January, our current busy run seems to be continuing.

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