Incident Report #25 1977

A 56 year old man from Manchester slipped on the wet fellside and fractured his ankle/leg on Lingmoor Fell, Langdale. He was carried on a stretcher by team members and taken to hospital in Kendal by ambulance. Footnote: Smooth soled boots could have been the cause of this accident, as the fellside was very wet and slippery. Weather conditions: Dull, rain at times with low mist — very wet underfoot.
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Incident Report #17 1987

When a 66 year old man from Carlisle failed to return home from a walk, his family raised the alarm. Eleven search dogs (SARDA) scoured the mist shrouded fells all night. At first light extra teams from Furness, Kendal, Bowland-Pennine and RAF Linton MRT covered the complex area again. About mid day gentleman found dead near Pike-o'-Stickie. Helicopters from RAF Boulmer and Valley also assisted.

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Incident Report #32 1976

A 52 year old woman from Birmingham slipped on ice covered ground on Lingmoor, Langdale. She sustained a compound fracture of the lower leg. The team carried her down the fellside to an ambulance and then to Hospital in Kendal.
Footnote: We would have reached the injured lady much quicker and easier if we had been given the proper location.

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Incident Report #36 2001

A 64-year-old lone man slipped and suffered a suspected fractured ankle. It was getting late, dark, wet and windy, so he was forced to start crawling down the hill because there was nobody else around. He was spotted by two runners, who went to his aid, and raised the alarm. A local farmer also tried to reach him in his Landrover. We treated him, and stretchered him down and on to hospital. 

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