White Ghyll

Incident Report #41 2016

Sun, 8th May 2016, 23:39

Flashing lights were reported in area of White Ghyll/Scout Crag. We investigated, and although we saw the lights, they were not flashing a recognised distress signal, nor responding to our attempts to communicate, so we went home. We did see shooting stars, a satellite, and with Lancaster Universities aurora alert showing high activity there was a possibility of Northern Lights being spotted. The aurora proved as elusive as the source of the flashing lights so we went home

Man Hours: 
3 team members for 1.5 hous
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Incident Report #58 2012

Tue, 14th August 2012, 22:26
Flashing lights were reported form White Ghyll, a popular climbing area in Langdale. Two team members investigated but were unable to find anything. A false alarm with good intent.
Man Hours: 
2 team members for 1 hour
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Incident Report #89 2006

Sun, 29th October 2006, 18:30

Two climbers suffered a momentary lack of reason when they decided to set off to White Ghyll to do some climbing at 3.30pm without a torch! Inevitably

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Incident Report #7 2005

Sat, 5th March 2005, 19:45

We were then requested to recover two climbers who had become cragfast on White Ghyll slabs.

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Incident Report #63 1993

Sun, 24th October 1993, 16:56
A 23 year old man slipped and fell about 15ft while taking a photo of his fellow climbers. He sustained neck and leg injuries.
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Incident Report #34 1991

Sat, 1st June 1991, 13:50
25 year old man fell 120 feet whilst climbing and sustained multiple injuries which proved fatal. Team assisted by RAF Boulmer.
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Incident Report #16 1990

Sat, 31st March 1990, 14:05

25 year old man fell 80 feet whilst climbing and sustained serious injuries to head, neck, spine and arms. Airlifted to hospital by RAF Boulmer. Wearing a helmet saved this man's life.

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Incident Report #25 1986

Sat, 5th July 1986, 12:46

It was reputed that a rock hold gave way when a 22 year old man from Sunderland deviated off route and fell 70'. He suffered very severe head injuries and was flow to Whitehaven hospital by helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmer but was found to be dead on arrival.

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Incident Report #27 1985

Mon, 1st July 1985, 16:36

Whilst on a family walk a 68 year old man from Liverpool collapsed whilst ascending the track. Taken by Teams ambulance to Ambleside Health Centre.

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Incident Report #25 1984

Wed, 4th July 1984, 14:10

After finishing a route, a 40 year old man from Hinckley collapsed with severe pain due to kidney stones.

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