Ghyll Scrambling

Incident Report #60 2017

A young male, ghyll scrambling with an organised group, fell and sustained leg and arm injuries. He was given pain relief and his injuries were splinted and he was evacuated froma moderately challenging position at the bottom of a waterfall. He was tranferred to an ambulance in the valley bottom

Man Hours
14 team members for 3.5 hours, plus Kendal MRT
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #58 1994

14 teenagers and 4 adult instructors walked up Stock Beck Having completed the activity they jumped in a deep and cold pool. All the students suffered various degrees of exposure, one girl collapsed, The team were called and revived the girl using 'hot air therapy'. She was then taken to the health centre for observation. The instructors were spoken to about the wisdom of jumping into the pool.
Incident Type

Incident Report #55 1998

A 14-year-old French boy was hit on the head when Ghyll scrambling with a party. If he'd been wearing a helmet, his injuries would have been much less serious, but he wasn't. He ought to have been wearing a helmet, but he wasn't. I'm sure every outdoor centres' code of practice says he should have been wearing a helmet, but he wasn't. Common sense says he should have been wearing a helmet, but he wasn't. Still, his injuries weren't life threatening. Just a few stitches and a big headache. Warning. If you're sending your kids off on an activity holiday, don't take their safety for granted.
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