Far Easedale

Incident Report #17 2000

A 21-year-old local student took a tumble while descending from a rock climb. He was reported as having fallen 100 metres. He had been unconscious, but his friend was helping him down. We treated his very obvious head injuries and shipped him off to hospital at Lancaster. He was later transferred to Preston for surgery on his depressed fractured skull.

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Incident Report #162 2010

With the previous incident completed and everyone heading home, foolishly thinking that that was it for 2010, how wrong we were...a man slipped and sustained a nasty ankle injury halfway up (or down) Far Easedale. He was treated by team members, and then evacuated to the valley, with help from RAF Leuchars MRT. This really was the last rescue of 2010!! Unless.... but then the great thing about the internet is the ability to change stuff....

Man Hours
11 team members for 3.5 hours, plus RAF Leuchars MRT
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OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #2 1984

An R.A.F. team on exercise found a Preston couple who had been benighted due to injuries
sustained whilst carrying bicycles from Borrowdale to Grasmere. The man, aged 49, had a
fractured leg, chest and hip injuries. The female aged 36 was suffering from severe
exposure. The team and the RAF Linton M.R.T. stretchered both casulaties to safety.
Weather conditions: cold, gale force winds, rain, heavy snow showers.

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Incident Report #6 1978

A 24 year old man from London slipped and fell 20 ft. in snow and ICE. He sustained a dislocated leg & spinal injuries. He was carried on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance at Brimmer Head Farm, then to Lancaster Hospital. The Team was assisted by Kendal M.R.T. & Leeds Outdoor Pursuits Club. Footnote: No crampons & ICE AXE. Weather conditions: As in Call-out No. 5.
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Incident Report #61 2004

A man sustained a knee injury in Far Easedale. We were given a location by a passer-by. A second informant gave us another location, which he was adamant was correct. He was completely wrong (and is probably still up there, if his map reading skills are anything to go by!). The casualty was treated by team members and carried down with assistance from Kendal MRT. More substantial footwear may have given him more support and prevented the damage.

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