Dove Crag

Incident Report #68 2018

Sun, 19th August 2018, 05:00
We were requested to assist Patterdale MRT to recover a group of 4 who had become lost and benighted when they failed to locate their planned bivi site at Priest Hole
Man Hours: 
9 team members for 3 hours,plus Patterdale MRT
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Incident Report #19 2015

Sat, 7th March 2015, 19:09

A group of 4 were reported as overdue after becoming separated from the rest of their group near Dove Crag. A search was organised involving ourselves, search dogs, Patterdale MRT and Kirkby Stephen MRT. Weather conditions were 'challenging' and visibility was very poor. The group were located down near Brotherswater. I'm told there's a tale to tell, but I'm not privy to it yet..

Man Hours: 
18 team members for 5 hours
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Incident Report #15 2015

Sat, 28th February 2015, 16:05
Two people were reported as struggling in cold, wet conditions, and one of them becoming exhausted and cold. We set off to located them, along with assistance from Patterdale MRT, RAF Leeming MRT and with Kendal MRT alerted in case of subsequent rescues. They were eventually located moving down near Low Pike and assisted the rest of the way down.
Man Hours: 
15 team members for 3.5 hours plus Patterdale, RAF Leeming and Kendal MRT. Also RAF Sea King
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Incident Report #33 2012

Tue, 22nd May 2012, 14:54

A man was reported feeling dizzy and unwell between Hart Crag and Dove Crag on the Fairfield Horseshoe ridge. The initial position was given as Fairfield, but we were able to refine that after talking to the casualty site. The team was alerted, along with the air ambulance. The man was recovered by air ambulance before we got there, so we were able to turn round after a long, bumpy drive and a short walk

Man Hours: 
10 team members for 1 hour
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Incident Report #15 2007

Sat, 3rd March 2007, 18:02

One of a group of 4 women couldn't move after she suffered a knee injury. They were in the area celebrating a 40th birthday.

Man Hours: 
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Incident Report #65 2004

Fri, 17th September 2004, 22:42

A man slipped and sustained a lower leg injury. In a joint operation with Patterdale MRT, he was treated and carried to Scandale and transferred to a waiting vehicle. It was dark, windy and wet. We got home about 5.30am.

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Incident Report #25 2004

Wed, 21st April 2004, 14:02

A woman phoned to say she had seen a man shouting for help and waving. She descended to report it, and we joined forces with Patterdale to locate the person. He was located and it was discovered that he was suffering from serious back and shoulder injuries. He was treated and evacuated to hospital by helicopter.

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Incident Report #8 2004

Wed, 18th February 2004, 16:18

We were made aware of a scout group of consisting 8 children and 2 adults who had got into difficulty near the Priest Hole, Patterdale. This is not our area, but in contacting Patterdale MRT to make them aware, our assistance was requested. Eleven team members and Paddy (dog) went to assist. The group had been attempting to reach the Priest Hole to camp there, but had been overwhelmed by severe weather. We found a group of very cold children, some without footwear. The weather was variable, ranging from still moonlight to force 8 winds and driving snow, but generally deteriorating.

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Incident Report #53 2003

Wed, 9th July 2003, 00:13
A man suffered a suspected heart attack near the summit of Dove Crag. We called Kendal MRT and a helicopter to help. The helicopter got there before all of us, so all we could do was turn round and walk back down again. He was taken to Carlsisle hospital for treatment.
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Incident Report #58 2001

Sat, 29th December 2001, 14:29

A middle-aged woman slipped on snow and sustained a lower right leg injury. It's a fair way up to Dove Crag, so the whole operation took 5 hours. Much of it was in the dark, and with extensive snow cover. We were ably assisted by Kendal MRT

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