Incident Report #15 2007

One of a group of 4 women couldn't move after she suffered a knee injury. They were in the area celebrating a 40th birthday. They called for help, but there was initial confusion when an emergency call handler got mixed up and called out a Yorkshire Cave Rescue Team! Eventually we were called and we went to find them. They gave their position as between Low and High Pike, but were located near the summit of Dove Crag. One was stretchered off and the other 3 were assisted down. We enjoyed a fine evening and an eclipse of the moon on the way down. We were assisted by members of Kendal MRT. On the way up to this rescue one team member disappeared up to his armpits in the 'infamous' Fairfield bog. We'll call him Olly to avoid confusion with any other team member. Olly later turned 30 (at midnight), but given that he was covered in mud and smelled bad, he didn't get too many kisses. He was made to stand down wind for the rest of the evening. We sent him home for a hosing down. Rumours that he spent the remainder of the night in his garden shed are yet to be confirmed.

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