Incident Report #54 2008

Wed, 23rd July 2008, 20:19

While also involved in the previous search, we were alerted to a family separated at Three Tarns. Two were unaccounted for. Resources were diverted from the previous search, but the missing people turned up at Cockley Beck before becoming too much of a distraction.

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Incident Report # 2008

Sat, 28th June 2008, 17:06

A group of 6 managed to find their way onto Bowfell, while trying to navigate from Scafell Pike, back to Seathwaite, Borrowdale. With the aid a car sat-nav which gave a position in latitude/longitude, which we converted to OSGB and establish where they where, they were guided by phone to the top of The Band, from where they found their way down to Langdale.

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Incident Report #17 2008

Sun, 23rd March 2008, 20:25

Lights were reported, stationary for about 2 hours, high on Bowfell. We went to investigate, and found that after observation, the lights reached the summit and started to make their way down The Band. We left at that point, satisfied that the owners of the lights would be able to look after themselves from this point.

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Incident Report #97 2007

Fri, 23rd November 2007, 15:36

A man sustained a suspected fractured ankle near the top of The Band.

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42, plus Kendal MRT and Boulmer Helicopter
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Incident Report #31 2007

Tue, 22nd May 2007, 20:56

A group of 3 teenagers became lost, somewhere in the Bowfell/Crinkle Crags area.

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Incident Report #15 2006

Sun, 19th February 2006, 19:06

A group of 5 climbers from Birmingham University became cragfast on rough ground at the top Middlefell Buttress.

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Incident Report #10 2006

Mon, 13th February 2006, 17:13

A couple from London became lost in the vicinity of Bowfell.

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Incident Report #82 2004

Tue, 26th October 2004, 10:19

We received a call to man who had camped out overnight below Cambridge Crag on Bowfell. He had called for help and an air ambulance was sent. He had become very cold and wet overnight and couldn't move. They couldn't find him, so we were called. We located him, gave him food and drink to warm him up, and then assisted him to walk down.

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Incident Report #49 2004

Sat, 17th July 2004, 21:09

Three men became lost on Bowfell. They were inadequately equipped for the conditions which were cold, wet and windy. They happened upon a group of Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates who, although slightly off route, were equipped for, and coping with, the conditions. The young people from the D of E expedition realised that the men were in trouble, and put tents up for them, and prepared to spend the night. They contacted their assessor to let them know that they weren't going to make it to their planned campsite, and that they would continue in the morning.

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Incident Report #45 2004

Mon, 5th July 2004, 21:00

A 68-year-old climber set off ahead of his friends on the descent from Bowfell Buttress, supposedly via Three Tarns and the Band. He never arrived back at their campsite in Langdale. He was reported as very experienced, but didn't appear to be very well equipped. As a search was organised, he turned up at Wha House Farm in Eskdale. He seemed to have made an interesting navigational error, having probably turned right at Three Tarns instead of left.

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