Incident Report #2 2012

While the previous incident was in progress, a woman called in at the base seeking medical attention for an injury she had sustained to her arm when she slipped while walking. She was treated, including cutting off a ring that was stopping the circulation to her finger, swelling due to her injury. She was given pain relief and referred to hospital. Not a 'normal' job, but her finger would have been seriously at risk if action hadn't been taken
Man Hours
2 team members for 1 hour
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OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #9 1975

A search was made of Loughrigg Fell, Ambleside, after two white flares had been seen high on the fell, by people living in Ambleside. A search was made by team members with search dogs. The search was called off at 2.45 a.m. on 18th February and nothing was found. Footnote: Once again, reports of flares remain unsolved and are proving to be a mystery. The weather was misty with drizzle and the ground was very wet.
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Incident Report #58 1994

14 teenagers and 4 adult instructors walked up Stock Beck Having completed the activity they jumped in a deep and cold pool. All the students suffered various degrees of exposure, one girl collapsed, The team were called and revived the girl using 'hot air therapy'. She was then taken to the health centre for observation. The instructors were spoken to about the wisdom of jumping into the pool.
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