Garburn Pass

Incident Report #55 1995

A boy mountain biking Coast to Coast with his father and sister, fell off and injured his ankle. His sister didn't believe him and said so. However, without the benefit of an X-Ray machine, and the intuition that an older sister has, we had to take his word for it. He even managed to whimper and yelp as we carried him down. However, her diagnosis of "LYING LITTLE RAT" was correct.
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Incident Report #3 1999

We were asked to assist Kendal MRT in the search for a 30-year-old man who had gone for a 'short walk' at 12.30 and was now well overdue. Information we received suggested he was in Kentmere, or Scout Scar near Kendal. He was eventually located at Sandside, a small village on the coast, (it's miles away from where we were looking!) so we all went home. You just have to be philosophical at times like this.

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