Easy Gully

Incident Report #5 1977

A 32 year old male fellwalker from Congleton slipped on wet rock in Easy Gulley on Pavey Ark, Langdale and fell 100 feet. He sustained a fractured leg with spinal and arm injuries. Carried on a stretcher by the team, then to hospital at Lancaster. Footnote: This man had to be lowered 300 feet down the gulley on a stretcher, which proved to be no mean feat, as he was 6' 4" and 171/2 stone — team members remember this rescue well!! Backs ache yet!! Weather conditions: Dull, fine and cold, darkness - very wet in the gulley and underfoot.
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Incident Report #24 1986

Whilst preparing to start a route a 26 year old female from Liverpool was hit and pinned to the ground when a large rockfall occured. She sustained fractures to her skull, collar-bone, arm. leg and other serious m|unes. As a "Joint Exercise" on Oakhowe Crags was taking place, the team and Bowland-Pennine M.R.T. responded to the alert. She was lowered 40' to a flat area and a helicopter from R.A.F. Boulmer winched up and flew the casualty to Whitehaven Hospital.

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Incident Report #28 1976

A 20 year old man from Glossop fell 70 ft. whilst leading a pitch on Pavey Ark, Langdale. He fell into Easy Gulley sustaining head and spinal injuries.The team lowered him down on a stretcher then carried to Stickle Tarn where RAF Boulmer flew him to Whitehaven Hospital.

Footnote: A hand hold gave way and there were no runners on, he also elected not to wear a helmet. From report and his friends he was a competent climber.

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Incident Report #26 1976

A 45 year old man from Hastings slipped and fell 20 ft. down Easy Gulley, Pavey Ark, Langdale. He sustained a fractured neck of femur. Team carried him out of gulley after lowering the stretcher by ropes for 400 ft. and then down the fellside to an ambulance and then to hospital in Kendal.
Footnote: Easy gulley is anything but, these days. There are many large rocks awaiting to roll down the gulley on some unsuspecting climber or walker.

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