Incident Report #27 2007

A 17-year-old woman was scrambling up the descent gully adjacent to Middlefell Buttress with a group of friends. They encountered rockfall, and one of them was hit on the head. She sustained an open, depressed skull fracture and  injuries to her hand and arm. Their shouts for help were reported from the valley below, and the alarm was raised. The team found her badly injured and in a precarious position, being prevented from falling further by her companion. She was treated with spinal immobilisation and oxygen and evacuated by helicopter to Furness General Hospital. We had intended to move her to a safer position for winching, but her condition deteriorated and she was airlifted immediatly, despite the significant risk of further rockfall. After assessment at Furness General, she was moved on to Preston Royal Infirmary for neurosurgery.

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