Middlefell Gully

Incident Report #3 1995

A young couple chose to ascend the fell by a very obscure route. It would have been an odd choice in warm, dry conditions, so in the snow and ice that prevailed, it left us scratching our heads The young man took a tumble, hit his head, and then carried on uphill(?). They eventually became cragfast and started to shout for help. Their shouts were heard by a passing postman, who raised the alarm. We eventually tracked them down by following the trail of blood uphill. Both were suffering from severe hypothermia and the younq man had a nasty head injury.
Incident Type

Incident Report #42 1978

A 21 year old man from Durham slipped and fell 80 ft while descending from after rock climb. He sustained two fractured femurs, head and spinal injuries. The Team carried him on stretcher then by ambulance to a Lancaster hospital.
Footnote: Most climbing accidents seem to happen when climbers are descending after completion of a route.
Weather conditions: COLD, RAINING, DULL, VERY WET ROCK

Incident Type