Stickle Tarn

Incident Report #68 2004

A Maltese man slipped and sustained a lower leg injury. We don't normally go up hill, but in this case we took the slightly scenic route because the smooth, grassy descent around the back of Tarn Crag is much better than the rocky descent of Stickle Ghyll. After seeing the man safely in to an ambulance we retired to the pub to refresh ourselves. A couple of men at the bar who had seen us go up, and who had read about the team offered to stand us a round. A much appreciated gesture! Thanks.

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Incident Report #65 2009

The remainder of the group was being assisted down, when a second member of the group succumbed to a similar problem. She rapidly became too weak to continue and a stretcher and additional team members were requested to evacuate her to the valley. About this time we enjoyed a brief but violent thunder storm; something that always enlivens any rescue.

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