Incident Report #40 1986

Very severe gales, hail storms and torrential rain during the night blew away tents and equipment causing 13 people to suffer from exposure. Some incredible flying by helicopters from R.A.F. Boulmer and Valley was demonstrated during the evacuation. The serious cases flow in to hospital. The rest, along with the team and equipment flown to Ambleside rugby field.

Incident Type

Incident Report #15 1978

A 17 year old youth from Manchester received burns and scalds to his foot after a pan of boiling water was knocked over. He was carried down the fellside on a stretcher, seen by the Team Doctor, then taken home by his parents. Footnote: Any kind of camping stove and the utensils used in making a meal should be treated with the utmost care. Weather conditions: DARK, COLD, FINE. GROUND WET IN PLACES.
Incident Type