Eagle Crag

Incident Report #27 1977

A 21 year old female from Bromsgrove, slipped off a path near Eagle Crag, Easedale, Grasmere. She sustained a severely cut knee, and was carried by the team on a stretcher, and then by sitting car to Kendal hospital. Footnote: This young lady had all the right equipment. Genuine accident. Weather conditions: Clear sunshine, dry. Wet patches underfoot.
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Incident Report #22 1977

A 59 year old man from Leicester slipped on the fellside near Eagle Crag, Easedale, Grasmere, and sustained a fractured femur. He was carried on a stretcher down the fellside by the team, and then by ambulance to Lancaster hospital. Footnote: Once again, smooth soled boots could have been the cause of this accident. Weather conditions: Dull, fine, rather cold. Dry with wet patches underfoot.
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Incident Report #19 1995

The moral of this story is, that if you tell someone that you are stuck in a particular place, and you turn out to be somewhere else, it delays the rescue process enormously.Two men used a mobile phone to alert us of their plight. They were stuck in a snow gully on Eagle Crag, and felt unable to get themselves out. They had no ice axes or crampons. However, when we went to Eagle Crag, climbed all the gullies and scoured the top and bottom of the crag, we realised they weren't there. The weather conditions were deteriorating and from the continued phone conversation, so was theirs.
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