Incident Report #73 2018

Mon, 20th August 2018, 20:00
Male with medical issues reported overdue. Located in early stages of search
Man Hours: 
5 team members for 2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #72 2018

Mon, 20th August 2018, 17:19
A woman sustained an ankle injury near Three Tarns. Having confirmed her location via SARLOC, she was treated and evacuated with assistance from our Norwegian volunteer rescue friends who are visiting the area for a few days. Their help was much appreciated!
Man Hours: 
12 team members for 5 hours plus Norske Folkehjelps (8)
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #71 2018

Mon, 20th August 2018, 16:51
People misplaced on Long Top and unable to find way down. Located via GPS on their hone and given advice on route down
Man Hours: 
3 team members for 5 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #70 2018

Sun, 19th August 2018, 21:21
A family of five including a 2-year-old child became benighted at the top of Pavey Ark as darkness. They were quickly located via phone GPS and then subsequently by a team member and then evacuated to the valley floor by Coastguard helicopter. The final rescue of a long day...
Man Hours: 
13 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #69 2018

Sun, 19th August 2018, 11:13
A woman sustained a suspected fractured tibia when she slipped at Sour Milk Ghyll, Grasmere
Man Hours: 
11 team members for 2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #68 2018

Sun, 19th August 2018, 05:00
We were requested to assist Patterdale MRT to recover a group of 4 who had become lost and benighted when they failed to locate their planned bivi site at Priest Hole
Man Hours: 
9 team members for 3 hours,plus Patterdale MRT
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #67 2018

Sat, 18th August 2018, 17:31
A couple reported themselves lost having set off to walk to Cold Pike. They were located at the top of Hell Ghyll and escorted off
Man Hours: 
10 team members for 3 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #66 2018

Fri, 17th August 2018, 15:14
A male reported himself as unable to walk due to lower leg injury. The team attended and he was located making slow progress below Three Tarns. He was assisted the rest of the way off
Man Hours: 
14 team members for 2.5 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #65 2018

Wed, 15th August 2018, 00:45
A lone male was reported overdue from a walk to Scafell. Team leaders monitored the situation overnight and a search was planned first thing. The man was located as teams were deploying
Man Hours: 
2 team members overnight and 5 for 2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 

Incident Report #63 2018

Mon, 30th July 2018, 11:10
Male with knee injury in quarry on Loughrigg
Man Hours: 
8 team members for 2 hours
Unique Incident ID: 
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