Red Screes

Incident Report #83 2003

A man from Kendal allowed his dog, Zeus, to fall in to the top of Kilnshaw Chimney. It couldn't get back out because the ice build-up. He then went into the gully and couldn't get back out either. Fortunately someone passing, carrying a rope and crampons, lowered himself in to the gully and stabilised both, preventing a serious deterioration in the circumstances. We arrived and extracted Zeus and his owner, the other man having the wherewithal to sort himself out.

Incident Type

Incident Report #19 2008

A man was reported several hours overdue from a walk. His car was traced to Kirkstone Pass car park by Police, and a search was organised. The trailing dog was able to point us to the Red Screes side of the road. Sadly, after a search of the area, a man's body was located, high on the fellside, around 11pm. He was recovered to Ambleside.

Man Hours
90, plus 6 SARDA, 1 trailing dog from Lancashire and Patterdale MRT
Incident Type