Incident Reports 1972

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Incident Report #27 1972

Husband and wife, from Manchester, were walking down from the top of Bowfell, when husband slipped and started to fall down very slippery snow on Left Hand Gully. He fell a considerable distance, sustaining slight injuries. Wife also fell about 500 feet, sustaining fatal injuries. Husband brought down by team that evening, and conveyed to County Hospital, Kendal, and detained. Due to very extreme weather conditions the body of the wife was recovered the following morning.

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Incident Report #14 1972

14-year-old schoolboy, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In party of 22 under a master and a 16-year-old boy. They walked from New Dungeon Ghyll along tops to Angle Tarn, on their way to Borrowdale. Turned back at Angle Tarn due to bad weather. One boy began to suffer from exposure, and was left on the tops, where, we do not know, by the master; left with him were two 14-year-old boys. No waterproof clothing left. Master unable to say where he had left them, and with a bit of luck the boy was found in Mickledon, by team members.

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Incident Report #10 1972

Girl aged 13 years, from Colchester, fell whilst walking with a school party on Loughrigg Terrace. Brought down by team with suspected fracture of the left leg. Taken by Ambulance to Westmorland County Hospital. Team also assisted in helping to school coach, another girl, 13 years, from Colchester, after she had also slipped and sustained a slight injury.

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