Silver Howe

Incident Report #65 1995

A group of seven D. of E. students were caught in darkness with only one faint torch. Their cries for help were heard in the valley, and the alarm was raised. We tracked them down and escorted them off the fell. We then reunited them with another six from the same school, who were found at the Old Dungeon Ghyll. All thirteen were cold and miserable. They were supposed to be camping at Stickle Tarn. They were put up for the night at a local Youth Hostel. The word, "fiasco", springs to mind.
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Incident Report #35 1998

Two suspected drug addicts went on a bender of methadone and hydrocodeine and were found after two days, lying in the sun, dehydrated and delirious. Their lifestyle had taken its toll and one had a heart condition and the other severe problems with their legs. Because of their conditions a helicopter was requested and it flew them to Furness General Hospital. This was possibly a failed suicide attempt.
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