Loft Crag

Incident Report #65 2023

Sometimes we have an incident that just leaved you baffled and perplexed... a family group 'lost' a 19-year-old member when she 'wandered off' on the way to Loft Crag. Our 'normal' procedure in these circumstances is to contain the remaining group and locate the missing person, however this does require a certain level of cooperation from the group and this was not forthcoming... by 1830 all members of the group had been accounted for with the original lost person turning up in Langstrath, and another one who'd gone 'searching' for her located at Stake Pass...

Man Hours
3 team members for 5 hours
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #49 1996

A 14 year old girl slipped while walking with a school party and injured her ankle. The leader was all fired up to evacuate the girl using a climbing rope and the rest of the party, but common sense prevailed and he called us instead. There's a time and place for self help and a group of hot, tired 13 year olds is neither. It's much easier to evacuate one casualty from the fell than 5 or 6, even if they are a bit lower down.
Incident Type