Ivy Crag

Incident Report #34 1975

A 31 year old woman from Ambleside was reported missing after she went walking with her two pet dogs about 3 p.m. earlier that day. She was found dead at Ivy Crag, Loughrigg at 1.00 p.m. the following day, 10th October. Her body was flown by helicopter to Ambleside by R.A.F. Boulmer. Footnote: The team searched throughout the night in very bad conditions and were joined at first light by Coniston M.R.T. and the Search Dog Association.
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Incident Report #17 1979

The Team were called to assist a 56 year old man and a 54 year old woman from Ambleside who were overcome by heat?? There were other causes than 'heat' both were under Doctor's care.
Footnote: This rescue could be 'classed' as a medical problem. The lady said that the low flying Military Aircraft had frightened her which caused her to fall. On reflection this could be a possibility. The noise and the element of surprise can give one a shock. I am afraid we have not heard the last of this 'new c&use' of accidents.
Weather Conditions: Very Hot, Sunshine, Very Dry.

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