Harrison Stickle

Incident Report #2 1975

A 17 year old youth from Gloucester was carried down by stretcher after collapsing on Harrison Stickle (2,000') suffering from severe exposure. The latest exposure hot air treatment (REVIVA) method was used for the first time by the team. The youth recovered later, but without Reviva his life would have been in grave danger. Footnote: Once again the party was not equipped for the severe conditions encountered. Severe snow storms became blizzards with gale force winds and ice at 1300 feet and above. There was a complete whiteout for 45 minutes at 1800 feet.
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Incident Report #36 1999

People leaving the New Dungeon Ghyll hotel observed flashing lights from the valley. When team members arrived, they also saw them. When they arrived on the summit to investigate, they found approximately eight people scattered around the few flat bits sleeping peacefully. They denied any part in any flashing light type antics, but there seemed little likelihood that anyone else was involved.

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Incident Report #75 2000

A man descended to Langstrath and reported his three friends as stranded on the summit of Harrison Stickle. We sent a party through appalling road conditions to look for them, and found them in the Stickle Barn pub, wondering where their friend was. It would seem that he became separated from the others and went the wrong way!

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Incident Report #17 1976

A 16 year old schoolgirl from Southport had a recurrence of an old knee injury. Collapsed with pain near Harrison Stickle, Langdale. Team carried her down on a stretcher and then by ambulance to Lancaster Hospital.
Footnote: Footwear bad (smoothed sole shoes). She had a history of a bad knee, the long walk could have aggravated injury. The grass on fellside was slippery due to dry weather.

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Incident Report #13 1976

A 21 year old man from Bootle collapsed due to exhaustion and possible epileptic fit whilst walking near the summit of Harrison Stickle, Langdale.

He was carried down on a stretcher after being seen by team doctor at the scene. Allowed to go home after being carried down.
Footnote: Assisted in the rescue by RAF Stafford. There seems a little mystery about this rescue — our team was called after a delay.

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