Incident Report #23 2014

Two young men poned for assistance when they got lost near Bowfell summit. It proved very difficult to contact them, but eventually we managed a brief conversation. It's not certain that they were where they thought they were, but we did our best to give them direction and get them moving in the right direction during the remaining daylight. We failed, and lost contact for several hours, and were just about to scale up the search, with team members returning from Grasmere, when we were told that they had found their way to Brotherilkeld.

While this was going on, a second group, this time three women, also called police to request help, also supposedly from Bowfell. Life is rarely so simple that all five might meet and have some form of navigational epiphany and find their own way. In the case of these three we managed to use our SARLOC tool, which placed them, much to their surprise, at the head of Piers Ghyll, some distance from where they ought to be, or thought they were... We were able to tell them where they were , and making use of this information, and the remaining daylight, they found their own way to Wasdale. Their progress was monitored by Wasdale MRT, who had been alerted once we realised were they where

A profitable night for west coast taxi drivers and a poor day for navigational competence..!

Man Hours
4 team members for 5 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference
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