Incident Report #27 2008

A man phone to say he was cragfast. Speaking to him suggested that he might be on Heron Pike. We were able to determine that he was probably on a north facing slope. After a prolonged search involving 4 mountain rescue teams and 2 SARDA dogs, he was located on very steep ground below Hart Crag. He was very cold and very stuck. He was evacuated up to better ground and then escorted off. The weather was very poor, being very wet and windy. Many other parties were encountered abandoning their routes, some of whom were heading in the wrong direction. Amongst the words being uttered in Ambleside tonight is 'epic'. Others are not repeatable on a website that may be read by children.

Man Hours
127.5, plus 9 Patterdale MRT, 10 Kendal MRT, 2 Penrith MRT and 2 SARDA (that's a lot of people!)
Incident Type
Unique Incident ID