Tongue Ghyll

Incident Report #53 2013

A 65-year-old male was reported as collapsed on the path up to Grizedale Tarn. We quickly confirmed that it was the Tongue Ghyll and set off. We were notified that an air ambulance was on its way from Newcastle. We both arrived at the same time. He was noticably dehydrated, and was likely suffering from drinking lake water earlier in the day. The man was treated with fluids and then stretchered to the air ambulance and evacuated to hospital.

Man Hours
15 team members for 4.25 hours
Incident Type
OS Grid Reference

Incident Report #27 1975

A search of Tongue Ghyll, Grasmere was made by team members and two search dogs after four young boys had heard whistle blasts and seen a yellow coloured coat high on the fells. After three hours the search was called off and nothing was found. Footnote: There was no explanation for the whistles, but the yellow coloured coat could have been a sheep which had been sheared and newly dyed. However, the team did by chance find four school girls from Blackpool as they were leaving the fell coming down from Grisedale Tarn.
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Incident Report #15 1995

Some incidents go down in Team Folklore. This one has become the "1 Olb. of potatoes" job. Once upon a time their were four adventurous young men who decided to go on an expedition. They packed their bags very full. They packed 10lb. of potatoes. They weren't going to go hungry on their expedition. They set off late in the day and made slow progress. (Remember, their bags were very heavy). As darkness fell they found themselves at 2000ft. on the side of Great Rigg Man. They put their tents up, and the wind took them down again, so they sat and shivered for an hour or so.
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Incident Report #67 1997

Four boys on a D. of E. expedition were reported missing overnight. Their supervisor had been to check on them at their campsite at Grisedale Tarn, but had been unable to locate them, so reported them missing. We located the boys making their way to Grasmere, having spent the night at their campsite at......... Grisedale Tarn. They had pitched their tent in the lee of small mound to protect it from the wind, and had heard the supervisor calling them, but had been unable to attract his attention. Boys 1: Supervisor 0.
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Incident Report #30 1978

A 63 year old man from Birmingham collapsed with an Heart Attack, some D of E boys assisted his wife at the scene. The Team carried him'off the hill by stretcher where he was seen by the Team Doctor, then to a Kendal hospital by ambulance. Footnote: This man had a history of heart trouble, but had not had an attack for some time. Some good work was done by the D of E boys who were on an expedition. Weather conditions: DRIZZLE, DULL, LOW MIST, WET UNDERFOOT.
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